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Ramakrishna Math
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    Please specify the purpose for which you wish your kind donation should be utilised in the "Notes" field.

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Donations to Sri Sarada Devi Education and Scholarship Fund

Sri Sarada Devi Education and Scholarship Fund

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Donate Online (Indian Citizens & Organizations only)

Instructions for Online Donations from Indian Citizens & Organizations

1. Enter the amount in Indian Rupees (₹) only
2. This donation form is only for Indian Citizens either residing in India (or) in a Foreign country
3. Foreign citizens (USA/EU/UK/Canadian/Australian/South American/Middle East/Singapore/Malaysian citizens) should not use this form for donation
4. Indian organizations can also donate using this form, they need to enter the organization name in the first name and last name
5. A minimum amount of ₹500 for is required for online donation
6. A maximum amount of ₹5 Lakhs can be donated in a single transaction/order
7. PAN Number is mandatory for above ₹10000 and Aadhar Number (or) PAN Number is mandatory below ₹10000
8. Non-resident Indians (Indian Citizens residing in Foreign countries) can use a credit card with foreign billing address but need to mention the amount in Indian Rupees (₹) in donation form
9. Non-resident Indians need to enter the Passport Number (according to Govt. regulations – Q No.8) and either PAN Number [if 80G tax exemption required] (or) Aadhar Number in the below form
10. All contributions are eligible for deduction u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act but Guru Pranami will not be eligible for 80G Tax exemption
11. To know about our service activities, please Click here to visit the activities page.

Activity Overview

Nitya Puja & Celebrations
Publication of Books & eBooks
Library and Book Bank for the public
Balaka Sangha & Yuvaka Sangha
Regular Discourses
Sri Ramakrishna Vidyarthi Mandiram
Service through Disaster Relief Work
Spiritual Retreats & Conventions